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Importance and benefits of physiotherapy after surgery

Surgery could be the most critical part of the treatment process; however, this is true that Post-surgery physiotherapy is a vital part of the recovery process after the surgery in order to boost healing and help the individual return to daily life. In this blog, let’s explore the importance and benefits of physiotherapy post-surgery.

The importance of physiotherapy after surgery  

Rehabilitation following surgery is critical for reducing pain and helping individuals safely return to routine activities. Although physiotherapy advantages are not prioritised enough, they can bring patients back into their daily routines. Physiotherapists do a thorough post-surgery evaluation and develop a specific treatment plan to prevent surgery-related side effects and restore normal flexibility and mobility. Post-operative physiotherapy, however, is not a short fix and might take a few months. It is recommended to get started with the process as soon as possible so that the treatment is fast and the joint or tissue recovers without forming any scar. Capilano Physiotherapy Clinic offers world-class physiotherapy treatments, helping patients heal and recover in due time.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

Benefits of physiotherapy after surgery  

Here are the most common benefits of physiotherapy after surgery:

  • Improves mobility, strength, and balance:

Surgery might impair movement in the affected region or body component. The normal response of the body is to defend the area of trauma, which can result in muscle and tissue tightness, oedema, spasms, and a decreased range of motion. Physical therapy such as strengthening exercises, movement, etc. can help patients regain mobility. Furthermore, workouts that strengthen muscles in the core, back, and pelvis boost stability and balance, which can be extremely beneficial in recuperating following procedures such as knee or hip replacement.

  • Reduces pain and swelling:

Swelling after surgery is a typical aspect of the healing process and varies widely across individuals. Physiotherapy reduces swelling, which increases healing and mobility, both of which lower overall pain. Exercises and mobility performed under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist can reduce swelling and prevent chronic postoperative discomfort.

  • Reduces the formation of scar tissue:

As part of the natural healing process, there is the formation of scar tissue after surgery. Scarring can result from surgery anywhere on the body, and excess scar tissue can limit mobility. A physiotherapy professional might use several tissue mobilisation treatments, such as massage and ultrasound therapy, to reduce scar tissue.

  • Improves flexibility:

Inactivity weakens muscles, making them much more prone to injury. It also stiffens joints and surrounding structures. This can hinder individuals from performing normal daily activities such as rising from a seated position, climbing stairs, etc. due to tight muscles and stiff joints. Stretching exercises introduced by physiotherapists can keep susceptible muscles flexible.

  • Reduces the development of secondary issues:

After surgery, stiffness,  contracture developing, blood clots, and other complications can arise, and physical therapy can help to avoid these often costly and debilitating secondary issues. Tailored movement exercises performed by a physiotherapy professional will assist in reducing the risk of blood clots.

Importance of Physiotherapy


As soft tissue healing normally takes six to eight weeks, you should plan to participate in rehabilitative activities. After surgery, physiotherapy may take place inpatiently, outpatiently, or a combination of the two, depending on the surgery. Your therapist may also assign you “homework” activities to do on your own as you recuperate. Physiotherapy can heal patients and help them return to their usual lifestyle whilst enjoying regular activities after surgery. Capilano Physiotherapy Clinic offers state-of-the-art physiotherapy treatments and works as a team to help patients return to their daily activities at the earliest possible time. Get in touch with us to discuss more about the importance of physiotherapy after surgery and how it can help patients heal and recover.