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We are proud to announce that Back2Normal Clinic is now actively offering direct billing to a few specific insurance companies.

Your benefits plan can be billed by us right at the time of your appointment. This saves you the challenge of submitting your receipts to your insurance provider, and your out of pocket expenses are then reduced for any covered treatments that you receive. This is a complimentary service that we love providing to our valued patients! Please note that we can’t guarantee direct billing at every appointment as there may be unforeseen issues with benefit plans, clinic logistical issues, or problems with the submission portal that we use.


Most frequent questions and answers

All we need to perform direct billing is your policy number or ID, and we will take care of the submission on your behalf, it’s that simple.

Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy treatments both qualify.

Whatever portion that is not included in your insurance plan you will get a receipt for upon payment.

You will pay for your appointment in full, and then we will provide you with a receipt that you then submit to your insurance company to receive whatever reimbursement that you are entitled to.

No, only appointments that have been completed can be direct billed at the time.

It depends on your specific coverage, but if there’s an outstanding balance that isn’t covered by your plan, then you will be responsible for paying that amount at that time. If your plan covers 100% of a treatment, then you can keep your wallet in your pocket and smile.

Every plan is unique to each member, and insurance companies typically have several different plans available.

As of now we unfortunately don’t offer the ability to combine different coverage plans together for one session. We can only accommodate one direct billing, and you will need to manually submit a claim to any other insurance companies you have coverage with to receive additional reimbursements.

If you want to see what insurance coverage you have, your remaining balance for sessions covered, deductibles, or need other information, then we encourage you to contact your provider directly.

For the most part it isn’t needed. Massage, Chiropractic, and Physiotherapy treatments are direct access in BC. Please note that you should check to see if your benefits plan requires a doctor referral, however very few cases require one.