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Kinesiology / Personal Trainer

Kinesiology / Personal Trainer

kinesiology is the science of testing muscles it enables us to evaluate and correct the motor responses of the central nervous system to create Mental, physical, chemical, and electrical balance.

when one of these areas are out of health starts to decline a kinesiologist looks closely at the functioning aspects of
why muscle strength could be unbalanced.

How does it work?

proprioceptors within the body through the autonomic nervous system are everywhere and are constantly sending messages as stress forms in the body these messages can often be misfired or transmitted at a lower frequency than normal arriving at their intended destination as a weak signal testing of muscles and Able’s the kinesiologist to tap into the communication of the central nervous system and get more effective results than any other therapy results from kinesiology can often be instant as messages can once again speedily travel through the central nervous system unblocked poor physical condition in the forms of headaches
stomach upsets hormonal imbalances or even depression is a last resort message from your body asking for help.

Our Pricing Plan

  • Initial visit$100