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Top Five Tips to Preventing Lower Back Pain

Living with a daily ache is doable but it is also a constant source of misery for people. One of the main sources of aches and pain that people struggle with is lower back pain. The causes of back pain vary, from it happening because of a trauma or because of everyday activities done incorrectly. Luckily, there are ways to prevent and lessen lower back pain. Here in back2normal site we can learn some tips about top five tips to preventing lower back pain.

1. Exercise your core

Strong core muscles will help strengthen your lower back muscles and increase support. Doing low-impact exercises such as speed walking will increase blood flow to your lower back muscles. By doing regular and core specific exercises, you can keep off any weight that might be added to your midsection, thus creating less weight for your back to support. Doing regular physical activities will help stretch out the muscles and reduce any inflammation.

2. Lift objects correctly to preventing lower back pain

lift objects correctly is one of the top five tips to preventing lower back pain. No matter your age, you can be susceptible to injuring your back if you lift any heavy objects the wrong way. When lifting any heavy objects, do not bend over from the waist, but instead bend your knees and squat, tensing your stomach muscles as you lift it. Do NOT twist your body while doing the lifting. It is best to research and implement proper lifting techniques to prevent any injury to your back.

3. Improve your posture Preventing Lower Back Pain

Poor posture can put pressure on your back and cause lower back pain. Make sure to stay aware of how your posture is throughout the day and maintain it. If you sit for most of the day, invest in a more comfortable chair that will be beneficial to your back – it is recommended to get a straight back chair or one with lower back support. Make sure to maintain your posture while sitting or standing to prevent lower back pain.

4. Correct your sleeping position

The way you sleep can contribute to lower back pain. Be aware of what sleeping position you are in and see if it is a cause of your lower back pain. The best position for the lower back is sleeping on your side with your knees slightly curled up. A supportive mattress and pillow are also essential as it helps maintain your posture through the night.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

Stay at a healthy weight for your body height and size to prevent any excess strain that added weight will add to your lower back. Excess weight will put more pressure on your intervertebral discs which can lead to curving the spine – one of the ways back pain is caused. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to implement an exercise routine and to eat healthier.

By being aware of the causes of lower back pain and conscious of how simple every day activities might be causing undue stress on your back, you will be able to lessen and prevent lower back pain.

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