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Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Are you in need of post-surgical rehabilitation in North Vancouver? The specific North Vancouver physiotherapy and post surgical rehabilitation will all guide the course of treatment for a patient at Back2Normal.

The rate of progression through the rehabilitation process will be typically determined by your surgeon’s specific post-operative protocol and other underlying factors such as the condition of the joint and the chronicity of the physical impairments. The proper progression of weight bearing (in the case of a hip, knee or ankle surgery), increasing ROM (range of joint motion), and progression of strengthening and functional activities will all be coordinated with referring surgeon. Often, your surgeon will recommend a “pre-operative” rehabilitation program with the goals of decreasing inflammation (swelling), restoring normal range of motion (ROM), muscle function and normal gait.

A good example of this would be the case of a torn ACL and scheduled reconstructive surgery. The research indicates that restoring ROM pre-operatively decreases the incidence of post-operative arthrofibrosis (scar tissue). An additional, important component of the pre-operative program is patient education which can lead to a much better outcome in the post-operative rehabilitation program. Post Surgical Rehabilitation in North Vancouver is the vital course of treatment necessary to get you back to normal following your big surgery.