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vestibular physiotherapy

vestibular physiotherapy

Vestibular physiotherapy is a type of specialized treatment that helps to eliminate or reduce the problems caused by vestibular disorders. Among the most important vestibular disorders that can be annoying for people, we can mention dizziness and confusion, blurred vision, imbalance or falling while walking or standing.
A specialized exercise program including vestibular rehabilitation exercises is adjusted based on the patient’s condition and according to the findings of his examination and evaluation. This program helps to reduce the complications caused by vestibular disorders. In fact, after conducting physical examinations and reviewing the results of tests and imaging, the specialist doctor should also seek help from the vestibular rehabilitation method.

what is vestibular physiotherapy?

Vestibular rehabilitation is an exercise program that includes specialized exercises that improve balance problems caused by vertigo. This exercise program should be adjust by a trained and skilled audiologist. If vestibular rehabilitation exercises are professionally adjust, it will have the best effect on reducing people’s balance problems.
The results of vestibular rehabilitation are different in people. Many factors can affect the results of this type of treatment. Vestibular rehabilitation treatment is effective based on the level of activity, the amount of pain, the type of drugs used, the general health of the patient and his emotional tensions.

What disorders can be treated with the help of vestibular rehabilitation?

A proper exercise program including rehabilitation exercises will treat complications from the following disorders:

Neck stiffness and pain
Severe headaches
Dizziness and blurred vision with head movement
A feeling of imbalance when walking, so that the person needs support
Frequent falls due to vertigo
A foggy feeling in the head
Feeling dizzy