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Sports physiotherapy is one of the specialized branches in physiotherapy. When some people hear the word physical therapy, their minds go to exercise after surgery. While sports physiotherapy goes beyond these things and restores strength and endurance to people. After the athlete’s treatment, the physiotherapist offers a proper training program for him to return to his training.

What is sports physio?

In sports physiotherapy, physiotherapists use different methods and rehabilitate injured athletes. By using this treatment method, athletes will restore their performance and experience a pain-free life. In the following, we will explain more about sports physiotherapy.

Types of injuries and common sports problems

Knee ligament tears, tendon tears, fractures, knee meniscus tears, rotator cuff damage and inflammation of tendons are common sports injuries. Sports physiotherapy helps athletes with injuries in the above areas and applies techniques. All techniques are performe under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist considers special methods to treat sports injuries and problems. The application of new sciences related to rehabilitation, the skill of effective communication with the patient and understanding his emotional needs are among the characteristics of a physiotherapist. For this reason, all kinds of sports injuries and problems will be solve by referring to a physiotherapist.

Benefits of sports physio

The goal of all exercise programs is to increase strength and feel better. Sports physio near me can helps you regain and maintain strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. People and athletes suffering from injuries, experiencing illness or losing physical abilities are able to use this method. In the following, we will examine more benefits.

  1. Accelerate pain relief
    Physiotherapist applies special treatments in this method with his expertise and experience. Electrotherapy and the use of up-to-date equipment such as high-power laser, magnet, massage and manual therapy techniques and dry needling, joint mobility in sports physiotherapy accelerate the reduction of pain.
  2. Controlling the growth of tissues resulting from the wound
    As the body heals the damaged area, scar tissue forms. The lack of correct tissue formation or their growth in an inappropriate place slows down the process of increasing the range of motion. In this regard, the physiotherapist will greatly help the injured person to get better results. In addition, in most cases, tissue growth guidance is applied by physiotherapists.
  3. Increasing the speed of recovery
    The physiotherapist in this branch reduces the recovery period for the patient. Physiotherapists teach specific exercises and their goal is to increase the range of motion of the injured joints and ligaments. Strengthening the muscles will also be possible with sports physiotherapy.
  4. Prevent further damage
    After regaining your ability, the physiotherapist diagnoses possible problems in the future. For this reason, helping to prevent injury is consider more than other benefits of sports physio.

What pains are treated with sports physiotherapy?

Most disorders in patients with muscle pains will be treat using sports physiotherapy. By using this method, the patient’s problems may be cured without the need for surgery. Sports physio is used in all kinds of joint pains and the following cases:

Treatment of all kinds of sports injuries including: runners’ knee,
Relieving cramps in the neck, back, upper trapezius, etc.
Treatment and resolution of sciatica
Heel spur removal
Treatment of shoulder pain and neck pain
Pain and burning between the shoulder blades
ankle sprain
Treatment of all types of injuries such as muscle cramps and trigger points

Treatment of neck pain with sports physiotherapy

Performing heavy and unprincipled sports over time causes serious problems such as neck pain. In case of neck pain, sports physiotherapy is recommended as one of the treatment methods. It will be possible to reduce pain in patients with neck pain using this method.

Treatment of back pain with sports physiotherapy

Back pain is one of the common problems among athletes and even ordinary people. Sports physiotherapy is a non-drug method in which specific exercises are considered for the patient. This method helps people to reduce pain and restore function to a high extent.

Treatment of shoulder pain with sports physiotherapy

Shoulder pain is one of the most common problems among athletes. This pain prevents the affected person from doing daily activities and makes their performance difficult. In these cases, sports physiotherapy will be an effective method for people with shoulder pain.

Increasing the range of motion with sports physio near me

Increasing the range of motion will happen with the use of sports physio techniques. This method will reduce the pain to a special extent and it will be possible to perform all kinds of movements over time. Therefore, consider sports physiotherapy as an effective way to increase range of motion.

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