Work Related Injury Treatments

Work Related Injury Treatments in North Vancouver are vital to getting you back to work! We manage and treat acute and chronic work related pain and injury every day in our clinic. A thorough assessment and history of your injury or pain is completed and understood, from which point we can offer you a diagnosis and outline a plan of treatment for you.

Treatments will always include a manual therapy component like massage or joint mobilization or manipulation, and may at times include other modalities like acupuncture or ultrasound. These treatments are always complemented with various stretches or strengthening exercises to help your body to be better able to cope with your specific work demands.

Return-to-work Rehabilitation + Intensive Programs

Our physiotherapists are able to establish a suitable return to work program following injury or surgery through work related injury treatments in North Vancouver. We are happy to liaise with your HR department or managers to coordinate the plan.

We are able to provide intensive rehabilitation programs of 5 or 10 days for workers who need a speedy recovery and return to work with work related injury treatments in North Vancouver.