North Vancouver Compression Stockings

If you are looking for North Vancouver compression stockings you have come to the right place. At Back2Normal it is our utmost responsibility to take care of your body in any way possible. Since we believe in using the most minimalistic and least invasive methods of keeping your body in shape, compression stockings had to be a part of our offerings. These plain looking items can do for you what surgeries can’t. If you are someone who often has complaints with their legs due to lack of blood flow, compression stockings are the thing for you.

Compression stockings are also called gradient stockings. As the name tells, these are stockings meant for compression. So, can the stockings you normally see be compression stockings? The answer is no because they are not worn for health and medical purposes. Compression stockings are designed to put pressure on your legs and so you they are much tighter when you wear them. To provide the right tightness, these stockings are made out of more durable and stronger elastic. Most stockings are only as high as your knee but some can cover some part of your thighs as well.

Compression stockings are perfect for people who usually find their legs heavy and swollen. These conditions arise because the blood is not flowing properly in your legs. Compression stockings put the desired pressure on your veins to boost the velocity of blood flow. These stockings are thus pretty effective against the formation of blood clots too. They are needed even more by patients who are bed-resting because of some accident. Since they move very little or not at all, blood flow problems are pretty common in their legs. With compression stockings they can avoid swelling and heaviness of legs without moving.

You want to wear the stockings first thing in the morning. It is best to keep multiple pairs so you can wear a new one every day while the other one dries after a wash. Keep in mind that you will have to change your stockings on a daily basis. You wear them just like normal stockings i.e. you roll them fully, put your foot in the roll and then start unrolling the stocking over your leg. They are a perfect choice for people who have to work on computers and spend hours sitting in their chairs, without any excuse to move or stretch their legs.

When you get in touch with Back2Normal, we make sure to provide you with high quality services and products. We provide a wide range of services starting from conventional and modern therapies to various other rehabilitation programs. Special care is given to women-pertaining problems. Work related injuries are also a part of our solutions. We strive to be the best in North Vancouver by providing our customers with top of the line products and the latest methods of body health recovering out there. Come and visit us with your problems and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.