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Back2Normal Physiotherapy is a private practice that combines traditional physical therapy and ims therapyservices with innovative wellness programming. Back2Normal Physiotherapy in North Vancouver seeks to prevent and manage musculoskeletal pain and to enhance performance using evidence-based research, the highest-level technology, and cutting-edge orthopaedic treatment techniques. Comprehensive assessments of stability, flexibility, and biomechanical function serve as the foundation of each client’s daily or sport-specific program. We develop lifelong relationships with our clients with the goal of being optimum musculoskeletal health.

Our North Vancouver Physiotherapy Services

TMJ Rehabilitation

Are you in need of TMJ treatment in North Vancouver?…

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Are you in need of post-surgical rehabilitation in North Vancouver?…

Sport Injuries

If you have been recently injured while playing a sport,…

Gym Rehab & Active Rehabilitation North Vancouver

Back2Normal North Vancouver Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation has extensive experience with sports…