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Top Five Tips to Preventing Lower Back Pain

Living with a daily ache is doable but it is also a constant source of misery for people. One of the main sources of aches and pain that people struggle with is lower back pain. The causes of back pain vary, from it happening because of a trauma or because of everyday activities done incorrectly….

Why we get sore?

If you are active in your day to day life, you may wake up some mornings with soreness. Depending on what you do, the soreness may persist in your legs and back. When you walk around with that soreness, you might question where it came from and what you did wrong the day before. Instead…

What is Frozen Shoulder?

If you find that you are having a lot of pain, stiffness and trouble when it comes to moving your shoulder, you might have a condition called frozen shoulder. What is Frozen Shoulder? Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects your shoulder joint. It usual starts with a gradual increase in pain and stiffness that…

Physiotherapy For Headache Reduction

Physiotherapy can be used for an incredible amount of aches and pains that we experience, and not just muscle and joint pain! Physiotherapy is a successful treatment for the most common type of a headache, cervicogenic headaches. The primary cause of this type of a headache is stiff joints in the upper neck, which really…