Physiotherapy North Vancouver & North Shore

Physiotherapy is a branch of physical therapy that deals with the prevention and correction of disorders involving musculoskeletal structures of the body such as the skeleton, joints, muscles, tendons, fascia, ligaments and cartilage. Back2Normal specializes in physiotherapy North Vancouver, and orthopaedic manual physical therapy and uses the very latest manual therapy techniques, in addition to evidence-based therapeutic exercise prescription. This hands-on approach combines osteopathic joint mobilization with soft tissue techniques (myofascial release, functional mobilization, edema management, neural mobilization) and targeted prescriptive exercise. Back2normal places a high priority on individual attention and one-on-one treatment sessions. We begin by listening to you and your problem. We then perform a thorough physical examination to test for pain-sensitive structures, joint range of motion, mobility, muscle length and strength. Physiotherapist Rezvani and his team of physiotherapists at back2normal North Vancouver Physiotherapy will diagnose the cause of the problem and prescribe the fastest resolution via thorough assessment and treatment. Our Physiotherapists will take a dynamic approach to benefit all individuals, from the recreational sports person and non-exercising individual to the elite level athlete. Physiotherapy treatments aim to facilitate ideal joint and muscle movement and can include:
Mobilization and manipulation of joints
Soft tissue techniques
Taping of joints and injured tissues
Dry needling
Exercise techniques for the prevention and rehabilitation of injury
Education and advice on how to manage chronic pain
Advice on how to best manage exercise and recovery
We help you to understand your problem and set up a treatment plan on your first visit. We use a clinical reasoning model to identify the underlying movement dysfunction that is causing your pain. We prescribe exercise to correct these movement faults. We do not prescribe general strengthening exercises to anyone who has pain, but identify the specific strategy that is needed. If you have pain with many movements and postural tasks, you may need a low threshold strategy like transversus abdominus or multifidus motor control training. If you have pain with high loads like kicking a ball, you may need high threshold strategies to optimize muscle strength and power. Our Physiotherapists can also assess postural, pelvic and spinal alignments. Whether your problem is related to sports, work or lifestyle, we are here to guide you to a full recovery. If you want to learn more about Back2Normal North Vancouver Physiotherapy and check if Physiotherapy right for you, we will advise you to check this great article from Canadian Physiotherapy Association.