Gym Rehab & Active Rehabilitation North Vancouver

Back2Normal North Vancouver Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation has extensive experience with sports related injuries, and our gym rehab & active rehabilitation North Vancouver helps after strains, sprains, contusions, tears and/or fractures. As physiotherapists we are skilled in advice and education for a variety of muscular and joint problems. We have specific exercises to help reduce pain, improve strength and endurance, returning you to full function and sporting ability. Manual Therapy Physiotherapist Rezvani has years of experience in manual therapy and has over the years developed his own unique style of manual therapy adjustments with no “cracking”. The best Physiotherapy and Osteopathic practitioners from all over the world have inspired the system of manual therapy. He believes in a gentle yet powerful application of force (vectors) to re-align the joints of the spine & any of the peripheral joints as well. Sports Massage is used to allow for gentle or deep soft tissue release as required. Massage therapy helps improve circulation and reduce post-exercise soreness. It also increases flexibility, releases tight muscles and therefore enhances overall sports performance. Contact us if you are in need of gym rehab & active rehabilitation North Vancouver